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91 Reasons Why the Next Marketing Tool You Buy Won’t Save You

Regina Scolaro, Senior Directer, Product Marketing, Zylotech

Silver bullets only work in movies about vampires and werewolves. So, the next time you find yourself believing that a single martech tool can save you from mediocre marketing campaigns, you might do well to remember this number – 91. That’s how many martech tools the average B2B enterprise already has in their analytics arsenal.[1]

Clearly, finding the right tool isn’t the problem for marketers. Rather, the problem is what they find with those tools: endless spreadsheets, outdated reports, untrustworthy answers, and inactionable insights. The cause for all this isn’t faulty analytics but a faulty data foundation. Most B2B enterprises suffer from poor quality data that leads to lost opportunities, poor outcomes, and wasted money.

Better data analytics starts at the source

B2B companies face unique challenges with their customer data. Location information, for example, is often misleading because many employees don’t work in a corporate office, especially today with remote work being the norm. Job titles and descriptions can be fluid from company to company, which makes it hard to pinpoint decision-makers and target audiences. And business customers don’t leave a forwarding address when they switch companies.

Compounding this data integrity problem is the siloed nature of most enterprise data systems. Marketing operations may have its own customer database, sales operations another, and the customer experience team a third source of data. Attempts to consolidate this data often yield incomplete entries, inconsistencies, and conflicting information. What marketing teams need to succeed, even before they reach for the right tool, is a trusted and unified data foundation.

Enrich, discover, and execute

Data quality isn’t the only challenge facing marketers. They also face a potential data shortage as third-party cookies disappear. Marketers must now learn to subsist primarily on a diet of first-party data. Yet B2B first-party data still presents the same trust issues. To address this challenge, we developed a customer database platform (CDP) that goes beyond first-party data collection to enrich and authenticate that data using our vast, proprietary B2B database. Instead of spending weeks preparing campaign data manually, our CDP continually feeds a fresh stream of data into your business to enrich, complete, and verify your customer data, so that accounts, names, titles, locations, and other data fields are accurate and up to date.

Once a trusted data foundation is established, marketers can then use our CDP’s analytics capabilities or any of their existing martech tools to create more effective targeted marketing campaigns, build better customer segments, or create personalized customer journeys. Building your marketing on better data makes a big difference. Our customers report 97 percent email accuracy within weeks and an 80 percent increase in lead conversions.

A CDP built on a weak data foundation is just, weak

Just as each martech tool is slightly unique, all CDPs are not created equal. Our CDP is designed to help B2B marketers do their jobs more effectively. It allows marketers to get out of the business of data management and focus on strategic, high-impact projects. It eliminates the need to wait weeks for IT to create intelligible reports. It delivers highly targeted marketing campaigns that not only get results, but track and measure those results. And it can do all that without adding one more martech tool to your stack.

Because no tool is the right tool when you have the wrong data.

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[1] Smith, Erik Archer, “Too Much Martech: How Many Tools Do You Really Need?,” Chief Marketer, (, [last visited on May 28, 2021].

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