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A Financial Perspective on the Need for Accurate, Reliable Data

Throughout my career I’ve witnessed, first-hand, the critical nature accurate data plays in driving both tactical

Throughout my career I’ve witnessed, first-hand, the critical nature accurate data plays in driving both tactical and strategic topline business decisions. These observations have spanned both B2B and B2C organizations in enterprise and high-growth, emerging companies. The challenge of collecting and maintaining trusted, actionable data for marketing, sales, and customer success teams to run programs that drive revenue is universal.

While I was at Unilever, I saw millions of dollars spent on research and consumer data in an effort to help position potential new products and the re-branding of in-market products. I learned that reliable data was extremely hard to find, expensive to acquire, and lacked large scale validation (often you needed to rely on small samplings). From a financial perspective the man-hours and dollars spent trying to acquire and maintain relevant, accurate data yielded an extremely low ROI.  This experience planted the seed that ultimately determined the roles I would pursue in my career.  

My goal was to work with companies developing scalable solutions to overcome the challenge of large-scale data validation. More importantly, I was looking for opportunities where technology was being developed (predictive analytics, AI/ML) that allows organizations to make their data usable and accessible for revenue acceleration.

In my most recent experiences as SVP of Finance at CrowdTwist and now Zylotech I’ve seen significant progress in B2B customer data platforms (CDPs).  With the right platform, there is lot of data accessible straight from the market and it can effectively fill in the missing pieces of information needed to provide better context for marketers, sales teams, and customer success. But the real benefit is that these platforms go beyond just filling the missing data gap. They can take large scale data and automate processes that were previously resource intensive – data scrubbing, data deduping, data scoring and segmentation. Leveraging this type of customer intelligence is now helping businesses drive topline revenue more effectively and faster than ever before. 

I’m excited about the work we are doing at Zylotech. We are working with enterprise customers and solving large-scale (global scale) data problems across multiple teams. We break down the silos in data that exist and enable organizations to leverage common data sets. The Zylotech platform automates many of the manual processes (think wasted resources) and enables teams to slice and dice data. This can dramatically influence, not only how you market to your audiences, but also prioritize which market segment gives you the best chance of closing sales (think improved ROI).

The Zylotech platform also works across the entire customer life-cycle – from pre-sale to post-sale – something unique in the B2B CDP space. We flag customers and audience segments that are at risk and identify the best action to improve customer retention and increase revenue expansion within an account. I’m excited about the path we are on at Zylotech. We’re working with B2B customers that believe a critical component of their success relies on improving the data accuracy, accessibility, and actionability. That’s what we’re developing and delivering at Zylotech.

Joe Monti, SVP Finance & Commercial Ops

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