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Abhi’s Weekend Reads June

Get your cup of coffee and settle in for some of my favorite reads from the past month.

Get your cup of coffee and settle in for some of my favorite reads from the past month. I’ve always been interested in everything regarding Martech, data analytics, leadership and more. I spend a large chunk of my time reading everything about these topics I can find so here is a roundup of some of my favorite finds from the month. Hope you enjoy!
First things first, this is not a great read but it is for a great cause. Our team at Zylotech decided we wanted to raise some funds for frontline workers during this pandemic…we found this amazing organization to help fuel the fight against covid. Our team really enjoyed being able to give back and help those who have been helping us!
Expansion and consolidation in the martech space? This article and great visuals included “explain both the “what” and the “why” of the simultaneous expansion and consolidation in marketing technology — a paradox we’ve wrestled with for the past decade, and one that I anticipate will continue in the decade ahead.”
We might not want to admit it but we are all feeling the Zoom fatigue. A great in depth article giving you 5 strategies to make sure you stay present and involved in your never ending video calls throughout the day. 
by Nick Stockton
“Who care about my friends? I’m missing the news!” We are all guilty about being stuck to our phones and the tv screen watching the latest state openings and covid numbers. This is a great read diving into why we feel the need to continuously know the latest news. 
Resources to Lead Effectively Amid COVID-19
Harvard Business Publishing
A great collection of information and resources to help you lead your team in these challenging times.


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