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Abhi’s Weekend Reads

Get your cup of coffee and settle in for some of my favorite reads from the past month.

Get your cup of coffee and settle in for some of my favorite reads from the past month. The idea is to share some of my favorite and most thought provoking articles around customer intelligence, data quality, B2B Marketing, AI, leadership and more. 
by Lena Wimmer
Discover what collaborative leadership is, what the collaborative leadership environment should look like and why it will create success. 
by Bob Thompson
“I have to agree that RevOps could be helpful to advance B2B revenue growth and (maybe) CX adoption. Let’s dig deeper to understand why.”
We’ve all seen changes in our every days lives because of COVID-19 but how will that effect SaaS? Customers are raising their expectations, management is refocusing long and short term goals and more. 
by Angus Loten
“Companies world-wide are diverting capital spending for information-technology hardware to cloud services, artificial intelligence and other tools.”
Deal Creation Bounces Back After Early April Lows [COVID-19 Benchmark Data, Updated Weekly]
by Kipp Bodnar
From Hubspot take a look at their stats and the current uptick in the number of deals created through all of Hubspot deals. 


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