Founded by a visionary MIT-trained team in Data Science, Technology, and Digital Marketing.

According to Gartner, businesses spent roughly $44 billion on big data analytics in 2014 alone. Yet the vast majority of these businesses are still failing to effectively democratize analytics to capture, store, and wield their data.

While an enormous emphasis has been placed on analytics systems, few are tackling the larger issue: the curation and cleansing of data. In fact, we estimate Artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) is a form of direct marketing leveraging database marketing techniques as well as AI concept and model such as machine learning and Bayesian Network. The main difference resides in the reasoning part which suggests it is performed by computer and algorithm instead of human.that 90% of most companies’ data goes completely unused, left to rot in data silos simply because organizations are unsure of how best to organize and unify different pieces. Even if they do, manual entry of these numbers presents a challenge of impossible dimensions.

Having experienced this challenge first-hand, our diverse team of MIT-trained data scientists and technologists came together to develop the world’s most powerful and cohesive solution suite specifically to address the full cycle of data management-from curation and cleansing to storage and analytics. We applied machine learning so the entire data wrangling and data processing procedure can be automated. Moreover, we created a system which helps democratize this data within your organization so that those who need new insights always have access to real-time reports.

The result? ZyloTech. We help unleash the power of all your customer data, creating a vastly more detailed picture of your customers and the opportunities ahead.

Backed by people and frameworks, offered through both a consultative approach and through our platform, we help solve the greatest data challenges for any business so that they can reap the greatest value from their data.