Customer Intelligence

Deliver better prospect and customer experiences with data governance, ABM enablement, a customer data platform (CDP), and AI-driven predictive analytics - all rolled into one platform.

Take advantage of data integration and technology partners to connect all your data.

Continuously Accurate Contact Data

Leads and contacts fuel your tech stack, and they aren’t cheap. In fact, according to a study conducted by Hubspot, leads have an average cost of $200. Like gasoline, lead and contact data have a shelf life due to the effects of Data Decay, which I discussed in my previous vlog about Contact ID Resolution.

Think about how many leads it takes to generate an opportunity; let alone a deal. When it comes to leads and contacts, the numbers get big fast, which can mean your lead cost per deal is drastically affecting ROI. Fortunately, big numbers can also magnify the resulting revenue benefit of implementing small improvements. Watch the video to learn an easy way to boost the ROI of your leads and contacts.

Contact ID Resolution

What is Contact Identity Resolution? ID Resolution works by unifying all available data points, including first and third-party resources, and associating those data points with a single ID.  The resulting unified contact is a composite of available data points providing marketers with a 360-degree view of the customer.

Since the purpose of the unique ID is to unify contact/customer data, ID Resolution effectively provides lossless deduplication across an organization’s tech stack. To learn more about Contact ID Resolution, watch this short video.

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