Customer 360

ZyloTech 360 Degree Customer Profile

360 Degree Customer Profile

  • Business Question: Who will re-purchase? When? What? Which channel? etc.
  • Objective: Create detailed know-how of existing customers to increase monetization.
  • ZyloTech Benefit: Dynamic propensity, customer profile, with LTV & Predicted- LTV.

Next best offer, Promotion

    Business Question: What coupon or discount or loyalty incentive shall I offer my customer and when?
  • Objective: Increased sales, customer winback and increased loyalty.
  • ZyloTech Benefit: Understand customer’s behavior and suggest what to offer, when and through what channel.
ZyloTech Customer Behavior
ZyloTech Customer Lifecycle Journey

Automated Marketing

  • Business Question: What content, offer can we auto-trigger at the right time and via the right channel?
  • Objective: Create meaningful customer engagement at the right time.
  • ZyloTech Benefit: Understand each customer's lifecycle and re-purchase journey for higher lift.

Churn Prediction

  • Business Question: Which customer is at risk and why?
  • Objective: Dynamic customer segmentation beyond lost customer tracking.
  • ZyloTech Benefit: Accurate predictions for timely interventions towards increased retention.
ZyloTech Customer Churn Prediction
ZyloTech Customer Re-purpose Journey

Marketing Attribution

  • Business Question: How to identify an existing customer across channels?
  • Objective: Cross channel identification of customer to plan promotion through the right channel.
  • ZyloTech Benefit: Build and track correct customer re-purchase journey for offer optimization.

Cohort Playbook

  • Business Question: How can we plan targeted campaigns on the fly with deeper insights?
  • Objective: Identify interesting cohorts based on dynamic behavior and intent-driven insights.
  • ZyloTech Benefit: Business user friendly playbook to select filters across numerous data points and metrics (i.e LTV, RFV, Segment, Churn, Potential.)
ZyloTech Customer Cohort Playbook
ZyloTech Customer Monetization

Micro Segmentation

  • Business Question: What micro-segments do we have beyond our VIP segment?
  • Objective: Understand the customer across all lenses, i.e Segment, Micro-segment, Cohort & Individual level.
  • ZyloTech Benefit: Continuous thinking around interesting trends and clusters which can help in customer monetization.

Customer Profitability

  • Business Question: Who are my profitable customers and how can we increase profitability for other customers?
  • Objective: Optimize marketing spend for increased ROI by focussing on predicted LTV.
  • ZyloTech Benefit: Dynamic LTV and Predicted LTV at each customer level.
ZyloTech Customer Profitability