Data Quality

Data Enrichment

  • Business Question : How can we keep our Customer data live while continuously enriching across silos, social, third party data source or even web.
  • Objective : Dynamic Customer Data Management with probabilistic and deterministic entity resolution. (fuzzy match)
  • ZyloTech Benefit : Accurate and updated customer data, towards better analytics & segmentation.

B2B Account & Contacts Tagging

  • Business Question : How can we combine contacts with Accounts?
  • Objective : Cleansed, enriched and accurate data wrt to my ABM initiative.
  • ZyloTech Benefit : Connects right contacts with right accounts, identify target persona and append missing information.

Consumer Householding

  • Business Question : How do my customers are connected to right household?
  • Objective : Profile and organize customer journeys for each member of a target household then optimize marketing campaign.
  • ZyloTech Benefit :Organize numerous data silos inside or outside of org. To derive household relationship