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Does the end of third-party data spell trouble for sales?

Regina Scolaro, Senior Directer, Product Marketing, Zylotech

With the recent changes in data privacy and consent, third-party data providers have become an endangered species. This can be a scary thought, particularly for B2B sales operations teams that have depended on third-party data providers for years to “fill in the gaps” in their account-based marketing programs. But this fear of the unknown is unfounded. In fact, much of the problem with ABM programs in the past was that sales teams didn’t really know their customer data because they didn’t know the source. So, they’d spend hours each week munging their data into decent shape to support lead gen and sales activities, all the while fretting over whether the data they had was even accurate.

It’s time to say good riddance to bad data and “hello” to cultivating a real relationship with your customers through the power of first-party data. Customer data platforms (CDPs) are helping to usher in a new age of data-based sales, marketing, and customer experiences built upon the first-party relationships that brands have with their customers. For B2C brands, CDPs can do a great job of connecting the dots between customers, behavior, and intent. B2B enterprises, however, face a different set of data challenges that render many CDPs only partially effective.

B2B customer data is complicated. Job titles, for example, may not give an accurate picture of an individual’s role in the decision-making chain. An increasingly remote and global workforce is often obscured by default location information based on a headquarters or regional office that an individual may only visit a few times a year. And business email IDs change constantly as employees move between companies. Even with first-party data, the first thing that B2B sales ops teams need to know is whether that data is an accurate reflection of reality.

A CDP for B2B

When we set out to build a CDP solution for B2B companies, we started with the data itself. A single, unified, trustworthy data foundation is critical to any data-based decisioning that follows, whether it’s prioritizing sales leads or developing targeted marketing campaigns. To achieve this, we designed a trusted data governance model built from a vast, proprietary database of B2B account data that is constantly refreshed and validated. This foundation allows B2B companies to unify first- and third-party data consistently across organizations, using a single taxonomy, to create ideal customer profiles based on trusted identities that include accurate job functions and the right geographic locations.

If trusted data governance is so important, why don’t more CDP vendors invest in it? Because it is an investment and, generally speaking, you can more or less trust first-party B2C data at face value. In B2B scenarios, however, trust is the key to unlocking the true potential of CDP technology:

Trust improves your sales pipeline. Trusted data governance ensures that contact and account data is up to date, complete, and actionable—which enables sales teams to focus on the most valuable accounts in their sales pipeline with confidence.

Trust encourages cross collaboration. Sales, marketing, and CX teams can execute cross-team efforts quickly now that they no longer need to engage with data teams to “prep” customer data first.

Trust leads to better forecasts. Accurate data drives more predictable outcomes, which leads to more accurate sales forecasts.

Trust boosts your confidence in the tools you already have. We designed our CDP to integrate easily with a wide range of sales and marketing tools, so sales teams get more value from the tools they’ve already invested in.

The reality is that you don’t need to prop up your sales efforts with third-party data. What you really need is a trusted data foundation that takes your first-party B2B data and makes it better. And that’s what Zylotech does better than any other company.

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