Customer Intelligence

Deliver better prospect and customer experiences with data governance, ABM enablement, a customer data platform (CDP), and AI-driven predictive analytics - all rolled into one platform.

Take advantage of data integration and technology partners to connect all your data.

Instant Connected Insights

Instant Connected Insights

Better experiences start with better insights.

Data comes from everywhere. We connect all that data to surface insights in real-time that your entire organization can access and use to deliver exceptional and consistent customer experiences.


Define Precise Audience Segments for Increased Engagement

Contacts and accounts don’t always tell you when things change, so it’s essential to have a customer intelligence platform that does. When you keep pace with the constant, rapid changes across leads, contacts, and accounts, your revenue team can improve accuracy and engagement without the manual processes.

Zylotech helps you prioritize campaigns and programs and gives you an automated, systematic approach to audience segmentation based on predictive analytics and machine learning. Create high-value audience segments every department in your organization can access to support their use cases. The platform leverages all your data—lead and contact scores, and actions taken—to automatically create precise target audience segments in real-time.

Lead, Contact & Account Prioritization

Maximize Return-On-Effort and Accelerate Conversions with Intent Scores and Shared Metrics

If your revenue team focuses on the right leads, contacts, and accounts at the right time, they’ll win more and close deals faster. Zylotech helps you increase pipeline velocity with advanced lead and account scoring and routing workflows. We ensure you never miss an opportunity to engage with your ideal customer profile (ICP) contacts when they are ready to take the next step.

Zylotech delivers insights based on predictive scoring and website tracking. The platform provides all the real-time intelligence and detail needed to have timely, engaging and meaningful conversations. Zylotech ensures marketing and sales alignment for faster revenue generation with the highest ROI.


Measure Impact with Multi-Touch and Prescriptive Attribution for Better Results

Track every marketing, sales, and customer success interaction for full prospect and customer journey visibility, using single-touch, multi-touch, prescriptive attribution, or a combination of all of them. Powered by advanced machine learning, Zylotech gathers, unifies, and maps lead and contact data to give you actionable insight and knowledge on what drives revenue.

Zylotech gives you the ability to collect touch points across all channels at every stage of the funnel for visibility into which activities impact ROI and when. This delivers not only better measurement, but also automates delivery of a journey map based on your customers’ real-life experiences.