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Is Your CDP Leaving You to Sink or Swim?

Regina Scolaro, Senior Directer, Product Marketing, Zylotech

Is your CDP leaving you to sink or swim?

When it comes to customer data, most business-to-business (B2B) companies today have a trust issue. Marketing teams don’t trust the data in Salesforce. Salespeople don’t trust the data collected by the customer experience teams. And so every report and analysis is met with skepticism because of potentially inaccurate, outdated, or incorrectly obtained data. All of which begs the question: How can teams be expected to align around their customers when they can’t even agree on their customer data?

In the business-to-consumer (B2C) space, data management solutions can often address data quality issues through centralizing, cleaning, curating, and unifying customer identities. But identity is much harder to pin down in the B2B world because of the complexity and confusion around location, accounts, and roles. In B2B a decision maker who works for the Boston office, for example, may actually be physically located in Bangalore, India. Or a contact with a title of program manager may have a very different type of role than someone with the same title in another company.

Building trust, one customer at a time

The best way—in fact, the only way—to build trust into your customer data analytics is through trusted data governance. More than data management, trusted data governance is persistent, lifecycle management of your customer data including data quality, data operations, labeling, compliance, and security. A lot of B2B companies make the mistake of trying to achieve trust through integration rather than validation. They purchase third-party data from different sources, create ad hoc processes as a kind of band-aid solution, cobble different systems together, and hope to achieve a 360-degree view of their customer by dumping everything into a data management platform (DMP) or data warehouse. What those companies are doing, in fact, is trying to operationalize raw data.

Sales, marketing, and customer experience (CX) teams in the B2B space today, realize that they can’t accept customer data at face value. They need context, compliance, and consistent data models around that data. And that’s exactly why Zylotech built a complete identity platform to support our customer data platform (CDP). Our living identity graph creates a foundation of data trust and then maintains that trust through data lifecycle management to ensure that customer identities are accurate down to their exact role and location, constantly refreshed to reflect the dynamic nature of business, and compliant with international and corporate privacy policies. This trusted data governance brings a new level of confidence to campaign activation and customer journeys. 

Learning to swim in a sea of data

Most CDPs take the issue of customer identity at face value—and that’s okay if you’re working with consumer data that’s relatively static. But these CDP platforms are missing an opportunity to address the fundamental data quality issues that often undermine sales and marketing efforts down the road. A data lake architecture with a user-friendly GUI—which is essentially what most CDPs are—isn’t enough to equip sales, marketing, and CX teams with the tools they need to succeed. That’s like throwing them into a data lake and leaving them to sink or swim. No wonder that so many CDP initiatives tank after a few years.

At Zylotech, we took a different approach: capture data that is constantly refreshed, filtered, and enriched into a single source, organize it intelligently and safely, and allow knowledge workers to navigate this data with the same tools they use every day. Because most sales and marketing teams have the right tools to do their jobs, they just need better data. 

And that’s where Zylotech can help, whether it’s diving into behavioral data for deeper insights or surfacing new affinities for their targeted segments. Learn more about Trusted Data Governance here, or schedule a demo with one of our specialists. 

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