The ZyloTech Customer Analytics Platform (CAP) is an award-winning, AI-powered engine that enables omni-channel marketing operations to increase customer monetization and deliver highly effective, personalized marketing.

Customer Analytics Platform

Until now, it’s been impossible to capitalize on all your customer data at the point of action or decision, in near real time. Customer data moves too fast, it's perishable and it’s too varied for traditional Big Data approaches to handle. ZyloTech changes the game.

ZyloTech AI-Driven Customer Analytics Platform (CAP)

ZyloTech platform infographic

The ZyloTech Dynamic Data Engine leverages machine learning algorithms trained on vast sets of complex customer data to automatically make sense of your data.

  • IDENTIFY - Cross-channel identification of your customer and relevant data points.
  • UNIFY - Continuous unification of data points to complete relevant data schemas.
  • CLEANSE - Data prep, including de-duplication, normalization etc.

  • ENRICH - Continuous merge, purge and enrich across various sources to create a complete customer 360 view.
  • Dynamic Data Engine is intelligent data in motion, using machine learning to harness the collective wisdom of dozens or hundreds of sources and millions of data points.
  • Data Curation leveraging machine learning, is turned from a time-consuming and messy project into a near-real time, continuous process for superior results that just keep getting better over time.
  • Flexibly scale, expand and evolve how your data is organized at will. All with no technical skills, data reloads or downtime required.
ZyloTech platform data engine

The ZyloTech Embedded Analytics Engine - Leverage a comprehensive analytics suite - from standard segment and micro-segment view to advanced, predictive analytics - to analyze and be on top of your total Customer Intelligence like never before.

  • Instant analytics let you quickly load and analyze massive data sets in minutes without the need to create a database or a traditional data model.
  • Interactive dashboards provide the right views of metrics, KPIs, insights and goals to empower all your decision makers, from your CMO to your campaign managers to your data analysts.
  • Self-service based customer cohort building to further experiment relevant promotions.
  • Extensive visualization and formula libraries allow you to click - not code - your way to analysis, insights and personalized presentation.
  • Automated scheduled reporting provides your teams, clients and partners with the data they need through the delivery methods they prefer.
Advanced analytics let you look ahead and deep into your data with statistical modeling, trend analysis, forecasting and predictive analytics - including support for R.

ZyloTech Connector – Connect to any customer data rapidly, wherever it lives, whatever it looks like and however much it changes.

ZyloTech CAP Platform Integration
  • The ZyloTech Connector is a first of its kind data integration capability, allowing you to create API-like connections with any data source containing valuable customer data across silos inside or outside of your organization.

  • The ZyloTech API Connector Library provides an extensive selection of pre-built data connectors to integrate your data from popular marketing applications, databases and Big Data platforms.