Customer Intelligence

Deliver better prospect and customer experiences with data governance, ABM enablement, a customer data platform (CDP), and AI-driven predictive analytics - all rolled into one platform.

Take advantage of data integration and technology partners to connect all your data.

Zylotech connects information and insights to deliver the experience your customers need and the revenue you want...Faster.

A B2B Customer intelligence platform

Making Your Customer Experience Smarter

Build a single source of truth for every unique contact and account across all tools and systems within your organization. Zylotech orchestrates and unifies data across tools and systems with both 1st party and 3rd party data. Every new lead, contact, or ad hoc data is loaded and can be run against the master data to track, dedupe, and manage at the source.

Zylotech delivers real-time data syncing across any “system of action” to ensure ongoing clean, accurate, trusted master data.


Today’s Challenge

Our desire for customer knowledge has created a data chasm.

The approach to “customer intelligence” and “customer management” is broken. Today technology and information are siloed by tools and departments. The data that lives within them is incomplete, inconsistent, and disorganized. The chaos gets worse when third-party data acquisitions and ad hoc integrations without governance get involved.

The result? Time-consuming data cleansing and processing, low-performing segmentation, unsophisticated targeting, poor campaigns with little to no engagement, poor KPI results, and ultimately missed revenue targets.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Zylotech’s Customer Intelligence Platform overcomes these challenges by bringing order to the data chaos without the significant manual and technical effort previously required.

Trusted Customer Intelligence

Built for speed, flexibility, and scale at every step of the customer journey.

Contact intelligence with data governance, ABM enablement, a customer data platform (CDP), and AI-driven predictive analytics - all rolled into one platform.

Zylotech makes it easy to deliver the best experiences for your prospects and customers with a suite of products that drive results. You get one place to manage your contact and account data regardless of where it lives. The AI-enabled, self-learning platform helps you make intelligent decisions based on real-time data and actions. You can leverage ready-made, automated workflows to simplify time-consuming processes. Most important of all, you can connect with your ideal customers and prospects at the right time with a personalized touch, no matter how they choose to engage.