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The Marketing Challenges of Bad Data

As marketers we’ve come to recognize that data poses one of our biggest challenges – specifically bad data. Our work relies on the ability to reach our target audience in a reliable and personalized manner. This requires complete and accurate information that is consistent and available across all our platforms and tools. In order to successfully execute our marketing programs, we need trusted data that is timely and relevant.

The impact of bad data.

Bad data encompasses a variety of topics. Everything from accuracy to relevance. But one of the most glaring challenges stems from the inability to reliably source and maintain complete customer profile data. That means your contact data is up to date, it includes all of the relevant fields, and there is one unified view of your data versus multiple stores of data, probably without common or linked identifies (so you can’t be sure of your quality), with some of those stores difficult or impossible to “reach.”.

Every day our marketing efforts are hampered by missing and inaccurate contact data that is critical for market segmentation, trend analyses, and campaign execution. Missing data is driven by many factors including:

  • Multiple customer profiles that reside in different tools/systems
  • Manual data input
  • Progressive profiling on lead forms that are not unified
  • Incomplete form submissions
  • Data availability

The result is that the money and time spent on campaigns and programs has a much lower ROI – fewer qualified leads, low conversion rates, and not enough pipeline opportunities.

Improving data quality. What’s needed.

So, how do we break the garbage-in, garbage-out marketing cycle? And, how can we improve and sustain data quality so that we are fueling our marketing efforts with trusted contact data that drives results?

When it comes to achieving good data status we need a systematic approach. More importantly, we need a trusted partner who can continuously deliver on the key attributes needed for a “good data strategy.” 

Specifically, marketing data needs to be:

1 – Accurate: Information for contacts and accounts is correct. Email addresses are valid and deliverable. Names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, and 3rd party data are included and correct. And, there are no duplicates.

2 – Complete – Information is comprehensive and you have the data needed for your marketing programs and campaigns. There are no missing contact fields.

3 – Timely – Data is up-to-date. There’s a systematic approach in place that enables data to continuously be refreshed so it reflects the latest information for contacts and accounts.

4 – Reliable – Data is coming from a trusted source. All data compliance and privacy requirements are in place.

5 – Relevant – Data collected meets your criteria of information needed to enable you to segment, personalize, and engage your target audience.

Is that too much to ask? 

Zylotech can help.

As marketers we need a “good data strategy” that enables us to improve results, increase engagement and drive revenue. We need a trusted partner who can deliver solutions that enrich our contact data with accurate information, identify new contacts, and provides us with a customer data platform that eliminates the “bad data” challenge.  

Zylotech checks all the boxes. The solutions deliver continuous quality data and insights that you can trust and take action on.  If you would like to learn more about Zylotech and how we can help improve and accelerate your marketing efforts, schedule a 15 minute call today.

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