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The Truth Behind Trusted Data Governance

Regina Scolaro, Senior Directer, Product Marketing, Zylotech

Imagine you were planning a vacation for yourself, but you weren’t sure if your flight was leaving from Logan or LaGuardia. You had a weather report for the week you were planning to travel, but it was dated from last year. As for your hotel reservation, it was booked by a third-party agency under a name other than your own that you couldn’t remember now. Bon voyage! Or should I say bonne chance.

The reality is that sales and marketing professionals who work for B2B companies are facing a similar adventure as they look to create customer journeys with data that is often outdated, incomplete, or just plain inaccurate. You can have all the data in the world and a mountain of tools  –  but if you can’t trust the data that you have, then your marketing campaigns and customer journeys are stuck.

Which brings us to the idea of trusted data governance. What if you could actually trust the data you have? That you had the right contact name with the right accounts in the right location and even had insights into the kind of things those contacts were interested in so you could target them with the right message at the right time. Maybe that sounds too good to be true, but the truth is that you can have a trusted relationship with your data with Zylotech.

Battling trust issues with your data

Unlike business-to-consumer data, which tends to be relatively straightforward, business-to-business data has its own unique set of trust issues. For example, the business contact name in your database may have an address associated with a regional or main office that’s hundreds of miles away from where they actually work. Or their job title may seem to map to your ideal customer profile but in fact be very different from the role you had in mind. And anyone who has ever visited a LinkedIn page knows that people change jobs and companies with sometimes alarming frequency.

In a world where data can’t be trusted, where can you turn? That question was the impetus that shaped our philosophy, mission and our approach as we developed our Customer Data Platform. Because of the complexities involved in unifying disparate B2B data sources from an array of Sales and Marketing tools, Zylotech developed a first of its kind, scalable way to manage B2B ID Resolution across people, location, company and decision making units that is always accurate and persistent.  This foundation powers our identity graph that enables businesses  to de-duplicate, enrich, and validate their data to ensure every customer interaction is informed by the same trusted record for every lead, contact and account. 

What’s your customer data platform built on?

Trusted data governance is critical to building effective campaigns and customer journeys. It’s more than managing your data, it’s mastering the entire data lifecycle, from acquisition to activation. This is where many customer data platform (CDP) solutions fail, because they simply provide a data lake architecture that becomes an ever-growing pool of “dirty” data. To be effective in a B2B environment, CDPs need to continuously filter data for inconsistencies, errors, missing fields, etc. and map them into data taxonomies that are designed for B2B customers. With that foundation in place, knowledge workers can keep using the same tools but get better insights, better compliance, and better results.

Without trusted data and identities, everything you build on top of your data—MDM, CDPs, business intelligence tools—falls apart. That’s why we believe a trusted data governance platform is so important, particularly for B2B companies, where data “truth” is often a moving target. Because if you can’t trust who your customers are or even where they are, you could be leading your sales leads on the wrong customer journeys.

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